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Proven Strategies For Preserving Your Property Rights During Divorce

Money is one of the biggest concerns people going through divorce must face. Whether you and your spouse both worked or one of you was the primary breadwinner, splitting up means the end of your current financial arrangement. What will the future look like, and how will you afford it?

Whatever your worries about property division might be, family law attorney Mark Maska can help ease them. Since founding Maska Law, more than 20 years ago, Mark has represented hundreds of divorce clients. He knows how the division of assets works in New Jersey and how important major assets like your house can be to you and your children. His time-tested strategies defend his clients’ property rights and work toward a financially secure future.

How Division Of Assets Happens In New Jersey

Like most states, New Jersey uses the equitable divorce system for dividing property. Under the law, you and your spouse must divide your marital property between you. Marital property includes most, though not necessarily all, assets and debts acquired during the marriage. However, you do not have to split everything exactly 50-50. “Equitable” means that your final division order must be fair to both parties, not equal. Mark knows what it takes to handle the division of key assets like:

  • The family home
  • Other real estate, such as a vacation home or investment property
  • 401(k)s, Roth IRAs and other retirement savings
  • Cars
  • Jewelry, antiques and other personal property

There are options to divide these assets in a way that is fair to yourself and your spouse. For example, if keeping the house is a priority to you, Mark will develop a strong strategy to try to make this happen. He cares deeply about helping his clients, so he would never advise you to accept an inadequate settlement that will not allow you to maintain your lifestyle.

Free Consultation To Get Your Questions Answered

Mark offers free initial consultations to all prospective clients. He will discuss property division with you and listen closely to what you have to say. For an appointment, call his West Deptford office at 856-804-2071 or fill out the firm’s online form. Mark Maska represents clients across South Jersey.