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Even if you knew that your divorce was coming and initiated proceedings yourself, divorce can be very stressful and upsetting. Your entire life can feel like it is being flipped upside down. Things such as how you will afford to live on your own and how much you will see your children are unclear right now. You need support and advice from an experienced professional.

Attorney Mark Maska of Maska Law, has practiced family law in South Jersey for over 25 years. He understands the emotions that a divorce can cause. He can help calm your fears by showing you how a fair, reasonable and practical divorce is possible – at a reasonable cost.

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It’s natural to be concerned about matters like property division, child custody and spousal support. Mark has represented thousands of divorce clients. While every case is unique, he has the legal knowledge necessary to translate your priorities into an effective strategy. He also will explain the laws involved in a way that you can understand and act on. Working with Mark, you can be confident that your divorce will be taken care of in the best interests of yourself and your children.

Like any legal document, a New Jersey divorce decree is not necessarily permanent. If you need to adjust your child custody, child support or alimony order, or if your ex wants a change you object to, Mark can help. He can represent you in negotiations and go to court if necessary to find a fair solution.

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To find out how Mark can help you with your divorce, contact Maska Law, in West Deptford, and schedule your free initial consultation. Call 856-804-2071. Mark Maska assists clients throughout South Jersey.